We all want to be Joshua.

We all want Jericho to fall.

We all want to take the land of promise.

We all want to have his call.


But if we want his anointing,

We must look beyond what he has done.

And to really know this man

You can’t start at Joshua 1:1.


Long before he led a people,

Long before he stood in Moses’s shoes,

He was walking beside him,

Watching how Moses moved.


But you see, before he could face people,

He learned how to face the ground.

He learned how to tarry.

He learned how to kneel down.


I’m sure the people learned pretty quickly

Where to find him when he was gone.

‘Cause wherever there was a trace of God’s presence–

That’s where Joshua belonged.


So he would stay at the tent of meeting,

Where heaven came to earth,

And he didn’t leave the tent of meeting,

Even when others returned.


Face against the ground;

Heart to the heavens.

When he would rise up

There was nothing on earth to stop him.


There was nothing that could stand between he and his promise

Because he knew the truth: it was a lot more than just land.

These battles were a lot bigger

Than just his own hand.


Joshua was a man of glory,

But it was never his own.

He was the servant of Moses

From whom the Lord’s presence shown.


He was a man who stood between heaven and earth,

So he didn’t see things like everyone else did.

And when everyone else fell to sin

He was waiting on Moses to return from the mountain


And Joshua did not leave the tent of meeting–

Long before Jericho.

He was laying his life down–

Long before he could go.


And Joshua did not leave the tent of meeting,

As Moses talked to God.

He could not bear to move–

There was nothing more he could want.


And Joshua did not leave the tent of meeting

Because he was in love.

And though he was called on the earth,

His heart was far up above


So, where is the Joshua Generation?

Maybe they are still worshipping at the tent,

But the time is coming

And the power of the enemy will be rent.


Because Jerichos fall at the tent of meeting.

Victories are won in the surrender

When you know the One

Who is your only defender.


And Jerichos are in your hand

When your hand is lifted high,

When the shouts of praise

Are your only battle cry.


And so here we are:

Completely giving away

Every plan we thought we had,

And here we’re going to stay.


Yes, we’re going to stay–

Stay as long as we possibly can.

And then we’re going to get up

And we’re going to take the promised land.


Because Joshua did leave the tent of meeting

When the time became right.

And he took what belonged to him:

Walking by faith and not by sight


So we know we can be strong and courageous

When there is no fear of being forsaken.

When we know the One who holds us,

We can walk completely unshaken.



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