In the African Bush

Moses left his home;

He took a flock of sheep;

He was determined to do his father’s work;

So Moses went to the mountain.


It is said that the Lord appeared

In a bush ablaze with fire–

A bush that was not consumed,

And Moses turned aside to look.


I left my home, too.

I was ready to be used;

I was ready to do the work,

So I went far away.


And I found the Lord alive

In this place called “the bush.”

He was burning and moving,

And I turned aside to look


I saw orphans become children,

I saw the despised become beloved,

I saw joy overcome despair,

And the hopeless full of hope.


I saw the forgotten be found,

And those waiting be reached.

I heard a hundred kids laughing

Because they were truly carefree.


I saw the old be given new life,

The young endowed with wisdom.

I’ve known the Lord worshipped in spirit and truth;

I’ve heard the gospel preached.


The hungry have been fed,

The thirsty given drink,

The weak have been given strength,

The doubting have believed.


I’ve seen the treasure of heaven shine brightly

In the simplicity of a mud hut,

And bare feet carry good news

With a well of unconditional love.


I’ve walked red roads,

I’ve held outstretched hands,

I’ve hugged ragged clothes,

But I’ve touched warm hearts.


I will never be the same

Since I’ve turned aside to look.

The flames of His love surrounded me

When I saw the Lord in the African bush.


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