The Hands of the Maker

God. Break me.

I feel a little crazy

To ask this:

But please break me.


There was a story,

And it’s been real to me lately.

I’m a little scared,

But I want You to break me


The story was about bread,

And a crowd five thousand head.

They thought it was over,

But you did a miracle instead


That bread fed every single person,

Though they thought it would barely feed one.

You didn’t care.

It didn’t stop until You were done.


And right now bread is what I want to be.

Your hands are what I want for me,

To see what You’ll do

If I let You break me.


Because the truth is when You break me,

That’s when You can make me

What You want.

I know You don’t forsake me.


You’re the bread-breaker,

But You are also the Maker.

So I’ll just be

The bread.


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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