I have found God to be overwhelmingly faithful–

His love is great and grand and more than I have ever known.


I have conquered the battle through mighty strength–

He has come and won and the enemy’s completely undone.


And part of me wants to rush on ahead to the next fight–

To see Your might and grace and hope win it all again.


But to my restless heart I will reply: “Not yet.”

Today I will mark and remember and set my mind on this victory.


I shall raise my Ebenezer high up to the Sky

In order to remind and correct and bring hope to my failing spirit.


I shall raise my Ebenezer because I know that when I go

Things will get hot and hard and seemingly hopeless.


But I’ll know that when I look back around my groaning heart

That what is now behind and past and gone was once ahead.


Because my Ebenezer is no road sign or happy check mark.

It is a memorial and statement and structure of worship.


It says that when there was no way–He made one.

When the road was long and rocky and war torn–He never left.


And we raise our Ebenezer in the place of deliverance,

So that, as we go on, everyone will know Your grace.


So we raise our Ebenezer between what you have done

And what You will do, oh God Our Redeemer.


So we raise our Ebenezer, for we will fight again,

And the despair we feel will be rendered incomplete by the memory of Your salvation.


So we raise our Ebenezer and say:

“Thus far, the Lord has saved us.”


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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