The Garden (part 3)

And so there were two gardens.

Two lives gave themselves a way–

One for sin, the other for God.

The world changed by both these men of clay.


Things grow in gardens.

Things inevitably change.

Life belongs there,

But death is not strange.


On one hand, to please himself,

A man gave the world away.

Another, to please His Father,

Gave Himself to save.


The pride of the first was washed

By the humility of the second.

For the sin of Adam,

The Son of God was reckoned.


Gardens lead to crosses,

And crosses lead to the grave,

But graves lead to life

Because of the One that made the way.


So here we sit,

In a place to surrender,

And here we must ask:

“Make our stony heart tender.”


Praise the Lord for our own gardens,

For it is here that choices are made.

Praise the Lord for grace upon grace.

Let us say: “Thy will, Thy way.”


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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