The Garden (part 2)

It all seemed so hopeless:

Never a complete pardon,

But God is almighty,

And so, there was another garden.


And in this garden sat One–

One whom sin had not tainted,

Whose fruit was only holy,

And had overcome the picture I painted.


But it was not without struggle

Because Adam’s blood ran through His veins.

Yet here He sat all alone,

Grieved by the oncoming pains.


He cried for a different road,

A different cup to drink,

And blood poured from His brow

For He was on destiny’s brink.


And while He pleaded,

His cries mingled into just one.

He looked up and whispered:

“Thy will be done.”


Soon after He was led away.

Sent to a horrific death.

His perfect soul was crushed

As He gave His last breath.


And while those who took Him

Believed their will was rendered.

The garden proved the truth:

He had surrendered.


Check back tomorrow for Part 3!


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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