The Garden (part 1)

Let me paint you a picture:

The grass was green,

And the sun was shining

Like nothing you’ve ever seen.


The flowers were blooming;

The trees looked their best,

But sin was running black

As two people betrayed one request.


Because a lie made an earthly thing,

In little more than a breath,

Seem so much worth

The looming promise of death.


It all started in a garden,

In a place where things grow.

The human race died

In the place where you sow.


Because, you see, as the wife ate,

And her husband received,

God wasn’t being overprotective

And now they were deceived.


So now they were barred from the garden.

Not because God was unjust,

But now they were dead,

So go they must.


The God, who planted, however,

Was not undone.

So in another garden:

Here enters the Son.


Check back tomorrow for Part 2!


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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