The Red Cord

A red cord hung in the window–

It was a simple gesture,

But the faith in that window

Was something grand.


The red cord blew in the breeze–

It seemed insignificant,

But the hope that blew in that breeze

Was simply astounding.


The red cord shook with the ground–

The day was full of fear,

But the peace that shook with the ground

Was beyond understanding.


A red cord flowed from the cross

It was a huge sacrifice

But the forgiveness that flew from that cross

Was enough for my sin.


A red cord poured from that tree–

It was the essence of suffering,

But that red cord pouring from that tree

Was life itself.


A red cord dripped from the wood–

It was a weighty thing,

And that red cord dripping from the wood

Was a mighty surrender.


A red cord I raised above my head–

It was my very heart,

And that red cord above my head

Is the anthem of my victory.


Copyright © 2017 Maegan Elizabeth Pinyan


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